Ouled Nail.

A relative of the north African Berber tent. The Ouled Nail is one of the traditional dwellings of the nomadic tribes of the Algerian mountains. Despite being one of the heavier pieces of tentage that we have on our books, when folded it will happily fit in the back of an estate car, poles and all. Being a mountain tent it has proven to be exceptionally good at handling adverse weather conditions. The inside features lavish appliqué work and beautifully hand crafted wooden fixtures and fittings.

Dimensions: 16' long, 10' wide and 8' tall at highest point
A brief history and origins of this tent.

Bedouin Tent

The Bedouin tent may be found ranging throughout the dessert areas of north Africa and the middle east, and have been referred to as the nomads of nomads, this tent is truly testament to that, we have got this structure up in under 20 minuets!

Whilst in its home territory this is primarily a shade tent protecting its occupants from the unrelenting sun, we have made a few adaption's to the traditional design so that it can be enjoyed in the decidedly non dessert conditions of the UK. Whilst maintaining all the versatile features that make this structure such a joy to use.

The version of the bedouin tent that is shown here features some extremely ornate appliqué work, however if you are on a budget we would be happy to quote on building a simplified version of this popular tent.

Dimensions: 15' wide, 10' deep and 7' tall at its highest point.
A brief history and origins of this tent.

Bedouin Tent Front
Bedouin Tent Rear Bedouin Tent Fabric Detail


The classic dwelling of the peoples of the great Central Asian Steppe, the yurt is a tent that is very nearly a house, that boasts a paneled front door whilst maintaining compact portability.

Unlike many nomadic tents that have faded from use in the face of the industrial westernisation, yurts are very much a living structure, still widely in use throughout their home territory.

The popularity of yurts has grown immensely over recent years, the construction of one of yurts breaks down in to two distinct disciplines frame building and canvas work.

In the past Tentworks as a company having a strong canvas working bias has had the pleasure of working with a number of frames that people have bought or made on one of the many yurt building courses that are being run at the moment here in the UK.

We have the experience that allows us to construct top quality covers for these structures, so if you have an existing frame that needs covering we would be happy to put together a quotation for you.

If you are looking for a top quality ash yurt frame to be constructed we would be happy to recommend a local Yurt frame builder whose structures we at Tentworks have had the pleasure of covering on a number of occasions in the past. The example in the photograph was constructed in conjunction with his company.

Prices vary dependent on size and detailing.

A brief history and origins of this tent.

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